Surprise at B.E.Webbe Self Store!

B.E.Webbe has rented a Self Store Unit to Hilton Contemporary Flooring Limited since the beginning of 2007 and Managing Director, Tony Taylor, has seen his business continue to grow, but you might be surprised by the way he has achieved this.

This is partly due to Mr Taylor transforming his unit into a walk-in Showroom, literally converting it from a typical store unit into a facility where customers can walk in and view the many flooring products he has to offer.

This has many advantages ranging from being able to increase or decrease the floor area due to demand in business, to not having to pay business rates which will save thousands of pounds per year.

There are also no long term leases or fixed term contracts required enabling huge flexibility on how long you can store there.

Other advantages self storage has compared to a shop for example are the differences in price per square foot. A typical shop of 600sq ft on the High Street will cost approximately £15,000 per year plus Business Rates, where a storage unit of the same size would cost £4,500 per year and Business Rates are exempt. This alone makes a saving of around 20%.

Sales Director, Edward Blount, says “Great initiative has been used by Mr Taylor to really maximise his storage unit by converting it into a Showroom. We hope that other businesses can see the potential in this as we feel this is a great way to get the very best out of your business especially through these uncertain times” Since opening in 2005, B.E.Webbe Self Storage depot in Burton Upon Trent has gone from strength to strength, even during the downturn in the economy, the level of storage has still continued to increase.

The total floor area for the self storage depot is 52.000 sq ft and at least 80% of the units are occupied.

The future for storage seems to be bright as B.E.Webbe has purchased a new storage site in Mansfield, opening in summer 2011, to add to present sites in Derby, Burton and Long Eaton.

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