It has been an anxious start to 2019 with the anticipation of a difficult year. Fears that customers may hold back until the UK leaves the EU have been a big concern and may be that has been the case.

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) say that the number of new sales listings coming on to the market fell at the fastest pace in over two years while the average Estate Agent stock level remains at a record low of 42 properties. Given the grim forecast by the RICS, this first quarter of the year for BE Webbe Removals has been quite promising.

It is a notoriously difficult quarter at the best of times but we have seen quite a strong number of enquiries. It is very important to try and squeeze out as many enquiries from as many houses that come on the market. There is no need to spread yourself out thinly and go looking for work miles away.

This becomes increasingly uncompetitive as local companies will be in a far better position. If you look you can find enough work still in the areas local to you and I believe this has been the reason for our strong start to the year.

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